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1996. god., Mila Todorović Tirnanić

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1997. god. , Ivana Žagar

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2001. god., Slobodan Ilić

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2002. god., Divna Đokić

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2004. god., Rajko Spaić

2005. god., Slobodanka Beatović

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2010. god., Milovan Matović

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2011. god., Jasna Mihailović

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2012. god., Vera Artiko

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2013. god., Dragana Šobić Šaranović

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2017. god., Dragana Šobić Šaranović

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2018. god., Magdalena Radović

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2019. god., Ljiljana Jauković

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2021. god., Aleksandar Vukadinović

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2022. god., Zorana Milanović

Milanović Z, Janković D, Vranješ-Đurić S, Radović M, Prijović Ž, Zavišić G, Perić M, Stanković D, Mirković M. 177Lu-doxycycline as potential radiopharmaceutical: electrochemical characterization, radiolabeling, and biodistribution in tumor-bearing mice. Int J Radiat Biol. 2021;97(12):1687-1695

2023. god., Milica Stojiljković

Stojiljkovic M, Sobic Saranovic D, Odalovic S, Popovic M, Petrovic J, Rankovic N, Veljkovic M, Artiko V.
FDG PET-CT as an important diagnostic tool and prognostic marker in suspected recurrent cervical carcinoma after radiotherapy: comparison with MRI. Radiol Oncol. 2022 Nov 2;56(4):453-460.